Saturday, February 11, 2012

Star Light, Star Bright.

Remember when I said they were opening a NEXT in my neighborhood? Well, they did, and it's AWESOME....if I were a dude. Hopefully, they will open the girl's side soon so I don't go insane. In the meantime, I will do more crafts (see below).

Thursday we went out (duh), and I wore a hat and fur jacket. Straight pimp status.

Friday, I went to work in sequins.

And Friday night, I went out in sequins....and beads.

I felt sort of like a fancy pleather, high-waisted leggings. Baller.

I've been overcome with sparkle-fever. Must be cabin fever or something.

Friday night, I FINALLY did crafts. I saw these on solestruck's website months ago, and have been wanting something similar ever since. Then, I was on refinery29's website and saw this DIY tutorial. So I had to try it. Here's what I did.

And then I painted my nails.

So today, my friend, Audrianna, and I were supposed to go around town shooting pictures at Akron landmarks. And then, this happened:

And it's still coming down. We are still going to Golden Dragon, but we might not make it back. I don't think they've plowed the streets yet. Good thing I have SVU dvds and an apartment to clean (maybe not the second one). Hopefully, next weekend there will not be a blizzard because I was SO excited about our photo shoot. But I still love the snow. Now, it's time to get ready for tonight. I hope I survive.