Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Hot Pink

A few weekends ago, Adam and I ventured out to the September Cleveland Flea with Harvey. It was one of those perfect fall days: a little chilly, but with warmth from the sun. I thought about wearing my recently collaged high-tops (shared here), but didn't know if it'd be too warm (I was right to go with sandals; I had to take my sweater off near the end of our flea trip), plus I thought it might be too much pink (if there were ever such a thing). 

Disclaimer: Things got a little silly with these photos. 

Sweater: Zara, Button-Down, scarf: Hand-me-down, Jeans: Swapped,
Sunglasses: ReDress, Sandals: Lust for Life

Adam always takes a "test shot", so I leaned into this one.

I think I realized the root(s) of my style crisis: equal parts dressing a "new" body and not having the right clothes out and easily available. As I mentioned in my last post, I recently switched over my wardrobe to be able to wear the clothes I couldn't wear when I was pregnant, plus are breastfeeding-friendly. It's a lot of button-downs and tshirts, but not very sartorially exciting. This #ootd was the first in a while that was a bit more exciting (it's probably the amazing sunglasses I picked up from ReDress at the Flea).

The other thing I've noticed is that Harvey and I hang out at home most days, or go and visit at my mom's, so there isn't a real excuse to get dressed (not to mention I only have a few minutes before Harvey gets fussy and needs attention), so I go with what's easy or out - i.e. why I've only worn these white sandals for the past 6 months. 

Seems like I need to start making more of an effort with my outfits. Maybe it's a chicken/egg situation: if I get "dressed", Harvey and I will do more exciting things during the day.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Primary Colors

I wasn't kidding when I said I was on a Tshirt and jeans spree. Ok, these pants aren't technically jeans, but close enough. Like the pants from my last post, I bought them in the same shopping trip, and hadn't worn them ever. 

Jean Jacket: Thrifted, Tshirt: LulaRoe, Trousers: J Crew, Flats: Target, Sunglasses: PacSun

I recently switched over my closet from pregnancy clothes to post-pregnancy clothes (i.e. breastfeeding-friendly tops), but I think I need to do another cleanse because I'm not at all inspired by anything in my closet, besides these pants (and all of the others I couldn't wear while I was pregnant). The only real interesting thing to do to style a Tshirt and jeans? The half-tuck. 

What do you all do when you aren't inspired by your clothes?

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

That 70s Show

I bought these jeans while I was pregnant, but must have bought them just as I went on my "no pants" spree because I never wore them until a few weeks ago. I paired them with a thrifted T and my recently collaged high-tops for an easy weekend look. 

T-Shirt: Goodwill Akron, Jeans: JCrew, Converse: DIY, Sunglasses: H&M

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Let's be honest, there is nothing that spectacular about this outfit. It honestly took me three seconds to pick it out and put it on. 

The real reason I'm sharing these photos: my new haircut. Chelsea at Apothoclaire is a hair-cutting phenom. Not only is she is a great person, but when I go to her and tell her I'm torn between a bowl cut and upkeep to my current bob, this is what she came up with. Amazing. Obviously, my favorite part are the bangs. Every time I accidentally grow my bangs out, I forget how much I miss baby bangs. And when I get them back, all is right in the world (well maybe not the world, but at least my hair). 

Blouse: Hand-Me-Down, Skirt: DIY/Thrifted (Goodwill Akron), Sandals: Lust for Life,
Sunglasses: ReDress