Thursday, November 14, 2013

2 Years Old or Monochrome Me

Coat and Sweater: Vintage, Dress and tights: Charlotte Russe, Booties: Mossimo (c/o Target),
Sunglasses: Rainbow (NYC), Jewelry: Assorted

The tale of two blog posts, or how I forgot about the birthday of my blog....AGAIN!

The first:

Once upon a time in a far off land, there was a young rapper named Ben Haggerty.  He had big dreams, this young man, of being a top-of-the-charts famous rapper.  And you guessed it!  He achieved this dream.  Along with his BFF Ryan Lewis, Macklemore became a household name and a thrifting sensation - encouraging young folks everywhere to borrow clothes from their grandparents and hit up their local Salvation Army.  A bit closer to home, there was a young man, named Adam D.  He heard "Thrift Shop" and watched the video, wishing to forever emulate his now hero.  Lucky for him, he has great friends, who knew this about him, and one fateful day happened upon this cheetah-print faux fur jacket so he could complete his transformation into his now hero*.  A year later, and Adam has since forgotten about this jacket, and left it up to his fiancĂ©e to resurrect from the attic.  Unfortunately for this jacket, it is gigantic and will probably become a vest in the coming months, or cropped.

The second:

When styling this outfit at lunch yesterday, I had the above blog post running through my mind: the hilarious story of how much Adam loved Macklemore last year, and how many times we watched the "Thrift Shop" video.  Since then, our love for Macklemore has dropped off a bit (I still love that "Thrift Shop" song though, and do appreciate all of Macklemore's support of same-sex marriage), and we continue to discover and support other new artists.  

In lieu of all of that though, I thought I should at least address the fact that my blog is now TWO YEARS OLD, and some of the things I've learned from having a blog:
• Bloggers, at least the local ones I've met and interacted with, are some of the most supportive and caring people out there.  I can't say enough about how much I've enjoyed spending time with the following blogging ladies (and should spend more time with!): 
- Jessica from Midwest Muse
- Rachel from For the Birds
- Megan from Kiddo TV
- Mandi from Making Nice in the Midwest
- Jess from Anchored in Cle  
• Quality over Quantity 
• Self-timers can be your friend (but mostly are just a stubborn brat)
• Who cares if you are the weirdo photographing everyone and everything?
• Be comfortable in your skin NOW
• You are your own worst critic

And some things I'm still working on:
• The fame (Jk):  I still get a weird sensation when people talk about my blog or something I've posted on it.
• Adam and I got gym memberships yesterday! (I know I should be comfortable in my own skin now, but it's hard when I feel so weak.)
• Quality over Quantity - I read the other day about a blogger who only posts things that she would want to PIN.  This seemed a bit silly at first, because we shouldn't be living our lives to be "pinnable", but it also makes sense - if I don't want to PIN something I've worn, who else would?
• Being my own worst critic

(See what I did there? Just because I learned something doesn't mean I'm very good at living it...yet)  Anyway, above all, thank you to everyone who reads this blog!  It really does mean a lot, and I'm so glad to have started it, if only so people I know and love (near and far) can read about the silly, little stuff I'm up to day-to-day (and what I'm wearing).

Thanks again!

*Disclaimer: wearing this jacket (once) was the closest Adam ever got to looking like Macklemore.