Tuesday, November 26, 2013


This past weekend, Adam and I hosted our second annual Friendsgiving (as a couple).  We had both hosted Friendsgivings (or some variance of it) years before.  In college, being so far from home, I wouldn't spend the money to go home for such a short weekend, so anyone who was left over in Tallahassee would get together, and we would throw our own type of Friendsgiving.  It was always very successful (and fun), so obviously I was thrilled when I found out Adam did something similar.  I'd like to think that now that we host a joint Friendsgiving, our events have merged to become a better version, but our friends can speak to that (one year, in Tallahassee, we did have a Disney/MK&A movie marathon - so there's that).  Plus, Friendsgiving is obviously not the same without my FSU friends.

This year, I dressed up (and made Adam document the preparations)!  

Preparing the Smashed Potatoes 

My Little Helper (i.e. Tree Stumper)

Adam's addition to the festivities -"It wouldn't reach without the extra word".

Awkward Family Photos.

The Gang's all here!

Finishing Touches - Gravy.

Carve it Up.

Dig In!


Group Photo!

Take 2!

Anyway, Thanksgiving is Thursday, and Adam and I are looking forward to 2 different dinners on two different sides of the state (kind of), and I can't wait!  What are your plans for the holiday (and long weekend)?