Monday, December 10, 2012


So remember about an hour and a half ago when I said I was having blogger "at capacity" issues, whelp, I guess they are all over (or I just cleared out my Picasa Web album good enough - what is that anyway?).

Also, remember when I said I was going to live life more, whelp, I've been doing that too.   That's why I haven't been posting as often.  Sorry guyz!  I'm the worst.  But if you follow me on Instagram (bottesdeleanor), you know (more or less), I've been living more life.  One such living life-type experience was fulfilling a 7 year overdue occurrence of seeing Yellowcard in concert again.  The first time I saw Yellowcard, one of my most favorite bands of all time - yes I'm still 16 at heart, was my senior year of high school at the Magic Kingdom at Disney World.  It really is the most magical place on earth, especially when Yellowcard is playing, until your chaperones are requiring you to leave, or miss the bus back to Jupiter.  I personally would have not minded so much missing the bus back, but considering that earlier that year my mom wouldn't let me drive by myself to Orlando to see Ok Go (another gem of a band from my high school heyday), I doubt she would have been very happy having to drive and get me from Magic Kingdom at 3 in the morning.  So 7 years later, and 7 years wiser (pshh), Adam and I suited up and headed to HOB-Cleveland for the Yellowcard show (no comment as to why I didn't see them last year when they were here - if you know me, you know why).  This is what I wore:

White Button-Down: School uniform shop; Black Overalls: Vintage Shop in NOLA, Music Notes Tie:  Beall's Outlet, Silver Necklaces:  Forever 21, Target; Black Booties:  Kirra; Cropped Moto Jacket:  Nasty Gal; Rings:  Forever 21, Target; Earrings:  H&M, Charlotte Russe, Rue 21 

Obvi the show was awesome!  We ran into some friends and almost moshed a little (but obvi I chickened out).  So I took some photos.  Enjoy (even though they are just iPhone photos)!