Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Let's Play Catch Up

Sheer Top and Black Booties: Kirra, Striped Zipper Sweater:  Charlotte Russe, Orange Cords:  Gap, Jewelry:  Assorted

Black/White Striped Button Down:  Hand-me-down, Blue Sweater:  Forever 21, Black Blazer:  Target, Moto Jeans:  H&M, Leopard Flats:  PacSun, Jewelry:  Assorted 
And a close-up of my sweet flats!

Red Striped Button-Down:  Goodwill!, LBD:  Hand-me-down, Black Tights:  Gabe's (probs), Black Booties:  Kirra, Gold Necklace:  Forever 21, Gold Ring/Bracelet:  WORLD MARKET, Peacoat Camaieu (From Angers, With Love)

And more Close-Ups!  It was also a game day! 

Denim Shirt:  Mossimo (c/o Marc's), Grey Sweater: Polo (c/o Adam), Acid Wash:  Forever 21, Zipper Boots:  Shii, Jewelry:  Assorted

Enough with the Close-ups!

White Button-down:  Polo (c/o my bros), Sweater:  Rue 21, Lace Bow-tie:  Mom's old scarf, Skinny Jeans:  H&M, Flats:  Kirra, Jewelry:  Assorted
"I don't know what to do with my hands."
Last close-up, I promise!
Sorry for the overload on this post.  I wasn't really sure how to break it all up (because I don't have that much to say about each outfit).  Basically, this is the end of Forever 21's 21 Day's of Style, and into the last few weeks.  I do so very much apologize.  I told you!  I fell behind cuz of the Picasa scare!  I hope to be better, plus it's the HOLIDAYZ!  What is everyone hoping for this Chrimbo (or Hannukah or Kwanza or whatever you celebrate/don't celebrate at this time of year)?  Me, if I had to pick one thing (because apparently, that is super difficult this year), it would be some sweet camera accessories, but then again, we are saving for a new camera, so what's the point of buying stuff for a camera that will be obsolete when we get a new, sweet one?