Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Shine Bright

Jacket, Button-Down, Heels: Thrifted, Sequin Pants: Nasty Gal, Jewelry: Assorted

OMG! Christmas is in a few days!

As I mentioned in this post here, Adam and I went to my work's holiday party a few Fridays ago.  Figuring out what to wear to a work holiday party is always so complicated.  The outfit has to be fancy enough for a holiday party, but not too revealing because you'll be hanging out with co-workers.  Not to mention it's pretty cold in Ohio in December (well, not this year for some reason).  The possibilities are pretty limited.  I knew I wanted to wear something sequined (when else are you allowed to do that), but be able to move and dance around.  The above is what I landed on.  

I really wanted to wear my Nasty Gal sequin pants I bought for last year's party, and I'd only worn them once before, so this holiday party was the perfect occasion.  No lies, I was very inspired by Emma's look here.  If only I could have gotten away with a sheer top, also.    

I spent multiple days planning outfits and even made Adam take photos of test outfits.  I'm so cool.  Luckily, there are plenty more occasions for holiday outfits and sparkle this season!  

Happy Holidays!