Friday, May 27, 2016

Florida Tourist Style - Day 3

Our final day in St. Pete, we had a simple agenda: "Waste" time before the wedding.  So we got up, wandered to a nearby crepe place, The Wooden Rooster and then explored a bit more around our hotel.  We found these amazing, giant Banyan trees, so stopped to take some outfit photos there, before continuing on to the weekly farmer's market.

Sick of these sandals yet?  Me either.  Amazingly, I did not get a weird tan from them, but I did get a weird  tan from my backpack.  Win some, lose some.  

Being "from Florida", whenever I am in the state, I have to eat at Tijuana Flats.  So after a bit more exploring, we headed to the nearest TJ Flats and had some delicious "Mexican" food.  One day they will make their way north (Rita's and First Watch have!).

(Missed days 1 and 2, check them out here and here).

One Florida post left to go (plus a few of Adam's amazing vacation style)!