Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Le Premier Jour du Reste de Ta Vie.

I would open this with how sorry I am for not posting in over a week, but I'm not. Last week I was super busy with my last week of work before starting my new job (today!): baking cupcakes, making cookies, cleaning, doing paperwork, eating sushi with my mom for her birthday, you know the usual stuff.

Last Tuesday was also Valentine's Day. I celebrated by visiting my friend Audrianna and her mom and going through all of the clothes her mom has been setting aside for me over the past few months. I waltzed out with a bunch of new stuff, most of which I still have to go through and try on, but most of it will end up in my luggage for New Orleans (less than 2 weeks!). Then we went to get dinner at Gasoline Alley. Delicious.

I bought this heart dress from H&M in Angers during the soldes last February for probably 5€. I wore it once before. I was going to wear it another time to this party in Angers, but luckily, I didn't because another American assistant wore this dress to the same party. Awkward. Unfortunately, I now have a complex about wearing it, going out, hoping no one else is wearing it. So I have to style it like a freak. That and there was such a strict dress code at my old job.

Wednesday, I went out for sushi with my mom, the cello teacher at her studio, and a friend.

This was Thursday's outfit.

I should have taken pictures over the LONG weekend, but I didn't. Doesn't mean I wasn't busy. Friday I went out to a new bar in town (Old Haunts) with some co-workers to celebrate my last day at work. Saturday, my mom and I drove up to Conneaut (weirdest small town EVER) on the lake. Sunday, my mom and I did my taxes and then went to look at a house that's for sale in a neighborhood near(ish) where I am now. The house was a dump, but quite the project. Basically would need the entire inside-out re-done, but I'm a lunatic, as well as my parents (where do you think I get it from?), so who knows? My next post might be about me becoming a home-owner, and this blog might become about home improvement and construction (Bricolage d'Eleanor?). Monday, I had President's Day off (thankyouverymuch), ran a bunch of errands and cleaned my current apartment from top to bottom. Good lord.

And then today, I started my new (old) job. I wore jeans!

Work was busy like I remember. So nice. 9 hours flew by. Let's see if it keeps up like this. Seems like it would. We'll see how it goes.