Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fancy Dress.

Last Week was the Akron Symphony Orchestra's 60th Anniversary Celebration.  My mom's friend from college composed a truly original piece, and my aunt created a fantastic film celebrating Akron in all of its glory (Surprise:  film reel of my grandfather).  Before the symphony, a friend of my aunt threw a fabulous dinner party.       

 We had a wonderful time (too bad this week was crazy at work, and I'm just now posting about it - excuses, excuses).

So yeah, this week at work.  Absolute craziness.  Crazy busy.  My brain is still recovering.  I was only able to snap a few pictures during the week, and it's just as well, because below was my favorite outfit.

I wish I could say this outfit was an original creation on my part, but alas, it was not.  I took inspiration from the same place I always do, the Nasty Gal blog and Instagram.  Of course, I had to "conservative" it up a bit for work.  No big.

Friday, I rushed home from another hectic day at work to get ready for a dinner hosted by Young Italian American Professionals Society blah blah blah (i.e. the boy's roommate's friend's idea).  Anyway, we got all dressed up.


How awkward do we look?  Not to mention the blurry photo.  Well, we were in a hurry.  Here's to hoping this week isn't as crazy as the last.  Peace.