Monday, May 14, 2012


This past weekend was wild.  My little, baby brother went to Prom!  My mom and I went with him to the "Promenade" (which is basically a REALLY awkward way to announce who's going with whom) to take a million pictures.  I would have felt bad about taking so many, except I wasn't even asking him to pose or smile.  Anyway, for your viewing pleasure:  Revere Promenade 2012, starring AARON RODE!

What a handsome fella!  The "alma mater" didn't look half bad either, then again I can't call it that because I went to prom (and graduated) in Florida (but that's another story).  Proof:

Dang I was skinny.

Mother's Day was awesome too (love ya Mama Rode - can't wait for Toronto weekend 2012)!  I will post an outfit post laterz (and give more excuses as to why it's been forever since the last one - it WASN'T my fault this time!).  Cheers Mates.