Tuesday, May 15, 2012


It may seem like it's been forever since I posted last, and that would be because it HAS been forever since I posted last.  HOWEVER, it is NOT my fault.  I wrote a post last week that included the below first 6 photos saying how lame I was for waiting over a week to post, and then taking horrid photos.  So maybe it's not such a bad thing that that post got lost?  Eh who knows.  Anyway, I decided that if I could live in button-downs and high-waisted skinny jeans for the rest of my life, I'd be FINE.  

I also decided that mid-thigh jorts are something I'm into now.  I made this pair.  Last summer ALL of my cut-offs were high-waisted and SUPER short.  Then again, last summer, I wasn't as chubby as I am this "summer".  I'm working on losing some of it (healthily).  I'm sorry I even brought up the weight thing.  Suspenders.

Suspenders are way more fun to talk about than eating habits and disorders (which I don't have any...of either).

And then there are sequins and top hats, which are INFINITELY more interesting to style and talk about than eating habits and disorders.

I think this shirt is HILARIOUS because it says "My blog is more fashionable than yours!", which is a HILARIOUS claim for ME to be making since my blog is as simple and bare bones as they come.  Anyway, that is what I wore to watch jello wrestling in WADSWORTH.  2 things I would rather NEVER speak of again:  Jello Wrestling and WADSWORTH, but it was in support of a bunch of friends, so we HAD to go.  And actually, the Wadsworth 69 Taps is REALLY nice.  And the jello wrestling was more strategic than just getting girls to wrestle in jello.  Plus, a woman organized the event, so that makes it OK right?

And finally, these floral pants.  I felt like I was wearing pajamas all of yesterday.  It was fab.  And these heels.  I did NOT wear them to work.  My job requires me to run up and down stairs, back and forth between departments, and all around, so I opted for my pink oxfords.  I would have worn these if I was maybe in account service or a designer (one day).  I love how Eleanor looks like one of those ghost apparition things you see in scary movies in most of these photos.  Like, am I REALLY seeing a dog creeping on all of this girl's photos.  Yes, yes, you are.  She just likes barking at people that walk by, which is fine by me.  That way people will leave our house alone. 

And silly me.  Today I wore a "Parisian" looking outfit (ummm what?) and NEVER took photos.  Duh!  Maybe I'll just wear the EXACT same thing to work tomorrow.  Hahaha NOT!  I'm not sure I've EVER worn the EXACT same outfit twice, except if it was a uniform.  Fun fact.  I have too many clothes too do that.  

Also, I have a twitter now:  @seanbrocks.  Do what you want with that tidbit of info.  That's also my name on Instagram.  

Now to get my hands on a crimper for Friday night's MK&A Super Slumber Party!  Cheers!