Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I have to get a post in before I leave SUPER early Friday morning for Toronto.  Also, BIG NEWS!  I entered the Chictopia/Solestruck, "Show Us Your Sole" Contest Monday and NEVER posted about it (knowing I would get to it eventually).  Ta-Dah!  Here it is!  My entry to win a pair of shoes!  So go to Chictopia's website and vote for me!  While you're on Chictopia's website though, check out some of the other contestants.  There is some good stuff there!

Sunglasses - H&M, Jewelry - Assorted, Orange Button-down - Old Navy, Crochet Top - PacSun, Skinnies - Forever 21, Cut-Out Booties - Deena and Ozzy, c/o Gabriel Brothers  
Below is what I wore Tuesday, and what I am currently wearing (ALL DENIM!).  Enjoy!

White Button-down - Hand-me-down, Grey Tank - Forever 21, Linen Pants - Old Navy c/o Goodwill, Sandals - Charlotte Russe, Scarf - Street vendor in Paris, Jewelry - Assorted
Honestly, how sweet is this ring?  Skull "brass" knuckles.  I almost peed myself at the flea market when I found this jem hidden amongst the scary doll clothes and incense.  

Scarf - Gift, V-Neck - American Apparel, Denim Jumper - Urban Outfitters, c/o Gabriel Brothers, Denim flats - Shop at Orlando Outlet mall, Denim Jacket - Goodwill, Jewelry - Assorted

And seriously, these denim, zipper flats?  They were in my goodwill/garage sale box.  WTF, Abby?!?!  I think I had stretched them out too much when I first bought them 2 years ago, but they fit again.  I win!  As always, I feel like there is so much more that I'd like to say, but my brain isn't working anymore.  Have a good evening all, and if I don't post before I get back from Toronto, you won't be surprised!