Monday, June 4, 2012

The Calm Before the Storm.

Quite possibly one of my favorite things in the world is to wear things in unexpected ways.  Take this "dress" for example.  It's actually a skirt.  Surprise!  Normally, I would have belted this dress, but I didn't feel comfortable wearing it to work that way, so I topped it with a blazer, which gives this frumpy-esque look some shape.

Blazer - H&M, Skirt (as Dress) - Goodwill, Pink Oxfords - Deena and Ozzy, c/o - Gabriel Brothers
It's been over a week since I got back from Toronto, and I have yet to write about it.  No surprise there!  Work is beyond crazy this week, so I'm hoping to have something up later this week, but don't count on it.  Toronto was awesome though.  I can't wait to go back.  Definitely one of the more navigable cities I've been too.  And lest we not forget the REAL reason I went:  Crystal Fighters and IS Tropical!  The show was fab!  The venue was cool.  I wish I could have stayed out later, but had to get the Mom back to the hotel (it was past her bedtime).  I always forget how much I love live music and going to concerts.  All of the bands I used to see when I was younger have since sold out or broken up, so I keep having to find new, smaller bands to like (not that Crystal Fighters are a small band - they've sold out most of the shows on this tour!).  I'll post more about the show in my Toronto post.  For now, I'm exhaustor.  Peace.