Sunday, June 23, 2013


Yellow Top: O''Neil (c/o PacSun), Cut-Offs: Goodwill, Cover-Up: Vintage, Sandals: Charlotte Russe, Gold Necklaces: Forever21 and Vintage
Friday was the summer solstice.  The first day of summer.  I can say it a million different ways, but you all know what that means!  Summertime is officially upon us!  We celebrated by eating on the patio at the Rail and getting ice cream with Adam's parent's at Strickland's.  To top it all off, we did some mild b and e and took photos in this field outside the blimp hanger.  All in all a great day.  Saturday, we continued the summertime fun-time by gardening and swimming at my parent's pool.  And Sunday was more of the same.  In northeast Ohio, we wait ALL YEAR for days like these, and when they get here, we have to take FULL advantage of them, which is a LOT of pressure.  

This year, I've decided to make a summertime wish-list   A list of all of the things I want (NEED) to do this summer to feel like a functioning member of society.  

And without further ado, here they are:

1.  Go to Cedar Point and King's Island
2.  Camp
3.  Fireworks
4.  Make the perfect piece of fried chicken (weird I know)
5.  Mix "My" Signature Summer Cocktail
6.  Finish our patio oasis
7.  Harvest our own veggies
8.  Teach Eleanor to swim
9.  Go to Dover Lake (is it even still open?)
10.  Finish our guest bedrooms

I'm sure more things will be added (our lists are NEVER-ENDING), but this one is a start.  Besides, it's now published on the internet, so you all will have to hold me accountable.  What are some of your summer goals and plans?  If we don't travel any more than what we currently have planned (St Louis for 4th of July and Toronto for the Grove Music Festival in August), I will be perfectly happy.  This year has been a crazy one already.