Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas - 2 Ways

Better late than never.  See below for what I wore to two of our Christmas meals .... last year.

Christmas Eve Dinner

Everything was going well, until this creeper drove by...

Sweater, Dress, Tights, Boots: Forever21, White Button-down: Hand-me-down, Jewelry: Assorted

No, black, white and peach are not traditional Christmas colors, but working on Christmas eve isn't traditional either (Adam had to, I didn't).  Either way, one of my bestest friends in the whole world got me this dress for Christmas (early), so I had to wear it for Christmas.  Also, as this dress was hanging in my closet, I realized that 2014 will be the year of peach (eff that radiant orchid noise).  Because this dress is not exactly winter-appropriate, I had to figure out how to winterize it.  So, as I was doing some last minute Christmas shopping the day before (NEVER AGAIN), I happened upon this sweater (the buttons are purposely on the back) and booties (they were 50% off).  Normally, I don't wear things the day after I buy them, but you can't help it when it's this good (I just realized this is a completely arbitrary thing I do).  Add some knit tights and a button-down and any dress can be appropriate in winter in Ohio.

Christmas Day Meals

Me: Jacket: Vintage, Lace Dress, White Button-down: Hand-me-down, Booties: Forever21
Him: Sweater: Gap, Button-down, Boots: 21Men, Chinos: PacSun, Tie: Calvin Klein

Finally! Adam and I took OK photos together!  For some reason, the two of us do not photograph well - It must be the new tripod he bought me for Christmas (and our spiffy Christmas outfits).  Christmas day, we went to Adam's parent's house in the morning for presents and brunch, and then to my parent's house for dinner.  

Enjoy some photos from the day!

My Mom and Aunt





Brother's GF


Mom and her Favorite Felt Vest


Hope everyone out there had a great holiday and spent quality time with the people that matter most: family.