Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ferdinand Schumacher

Sweater: Kirra (c/o PacSun), Button-Down: Levi's, Jeans: Wet Seal, Booties: Black Poppy (c/o PacSun), Jewelry: Assorted

As I sit here in our house that is a lower temperature than what we set the furnace to, with gloves, two sweaters, multiple pairs of socks and pants and a hat on, I'm glad that not only did Adam and I stop to take these photos last year (right before Christmas), but that we got out of the house to enjoy most of this wonderfully (randomly) beautiful day in mid-December.  I know Ohio is getting off relatively well in this polar vortex/arctic storm nonsense, so I will end weather-talk now.

So it's only taken me 7 days to post the first post of 2014.  Not to mention that I can't actually remember the date these photos were taken (maybe 12/22/13?).  Remember how I said I didn't make any 2014 resolutions, well obviously, I'm doing a great job at that - procrastination to the core.  But real talk, my biggest goal for 2014, is more doing and documenting.  First stop, Home Depot Do-it-Herself workshop this weekend.  Has anyone out there ever been to one?  Adam and I frequent the Home Depot more these days than anywhere else, and I always see the workshops listed on their boards.  Now's the time to check it out.  Could be fun right?  Especially if it's a closet and storage organization workshop, right?  Check.  My aunt also has a portrait show opening on Friday night (1/10) up in Cleveland here, so we'll be going to that also.  All of the snowed-in-ness of the past week has been nice (the whole not doing anything thing), but I'm bad at not doing anything, so I'm glad January is heating up (figuratively and literally - 20 degrees, woo!).  

I also just realized that this is the first post with my new haircut (hah! I got my hair cut in early December when Adam cut off all of his hair - twins!).  I cut all my hair off in college (much shorter than what is shown here), and loved it.  This haircut is OK, but I think I'd like it shorter (like Jean Seberg in Breathless?).  Maybe after June (and the wedding).

Anyway, enjoy some warm-looking, Akron towpath photos below:

What are your big plans for the new year (or just January)?