Tuesday, December 31, 2013

#lookbackatit (2013)

I have a hard time writing these "reflective" blog post round-ups (especially since I still have some photos from this year to post).  I like to reminisce, but also like to look to the future.  But here we go:

I started this year in plaid button-downs and cardigans, and finished it that way:


I took some risks and stuck with some classics:



I wore these pants WAY too much:


I wore a lot of sweaters over button-downs (with pants from the UO Surplus Store):


I started a #twoways feature (but wasn't very consistent with it):

I wore lots of denim:


I went to NYC TWICE:


And went some other places too:


Panama City

Panama City


St. Louis

St. Louis


I went to my first Blogger events:

Elle and Charles Scott Salon "Turn Any Light Into the Spotlight"

Blogger Swap

Adam and I got engaged:

I tried to just be myself (but did get a little lazy):





I guess now that I think about it, 2013 was a pretty kick-ass year (even though it didn't start out that great).  2014 has some big shoes to fill, but I think I say that every year.  Something new I'm doing this year, is not making resolutions (revolutionary!).  Every time I plan something, it never turns out as great as I'd think.  So here's to being spontaneous in 2014! 


PS Click on the images for more images of each outfit.