Monday, April 28, 2014

(Last) Sunday's Best

M(me) Jaune! 

Note to Self: Get a tan before 6/21.

Seriously...So. Pale.

I'm so happy with Adam's progress as my "official" blog photographer - he really wanted this "Detail" shot because my bracelets looked "cool".

Denim Shirt: Mossimo Supply Co. (c/o Men's Department at Target - seriously, Adam and I have the same one!), Yellow Dress: Mossimo Supply Co. (c/o Marah, my college roommate), Booties, Belt: Charlotte Russe, Bracelets: H&M, Sunglasses: Rave

If it looks like we were squinting a lot, it's because it was BRIGHT.

Love Adam's Blue Suede Shoes!

Checkered Shirt: Dilliard's, Blue Chinos: PacSun, Blue Suede Shoes: JCPenny

As many of you know, Easter was last Sunday (not yesterday Sunday, but the week before).  I believe this was the first Easter in many years that it was ACTUALLY nice out!  Luckily, my college roommate, Marah, had sent me a care package full of dresses the Friday before, so I had PLENTY to chose from to wear to Easter dinner at Adam's parents' house.  I accidentally almost wore an entire outfit from Target, but switched up my shoes and added some accessories to nip that in the bud.  I was also having a surprisingly nice hair day - now that I'm growing my hair out from that stupid shorter cut I couldn't commit to, it's nice to have random days where it looks like an actual haircut and not a blob.

Adam decided to pastel-out: light blue, light green everything.  He originally had a green tie on, but took it off for a more relaxed look (and to play catch with his brothers).  He's been rocking these aviators lately, and just looks so handsome (but I am obviously biased).

A few weeks prior, we'd been driving home from somewhere, and I noticed this random stone wall by Yanke Bionics (what is that place even?) right off the Akron Autobahn (i.e. 59), and it seemed the perfect place to take photos, especially in our Sunday best.  After we snapped some pics, we drove by Glendale Cemetery and the steps there (and then up a freakishly steep road).  It was all Adam's idea to scope out for a future blog post - look at him go (the steps, not the freakishly steep road - however that steep road did prepare me a bit for the roads in San Francisco)!  

As I was busy snapping location photos, I heard behind me, "Babe, Look!".  When I turned around, I saw this:

I'm sure the "Universal Man" wasn't double-jointed.  What do you all think?

All Photos by Adam (and me)