Friday, May 23, 2014

One Year Graduation Anniversary - Washington, DC

As part of my FSU graduation anniversary, I'm continuing the journey through each year's anniversary trip.  This post is about our One-Year Graduation Anniversary trip to Washington, DC to see the Shout-Out-Louds.

A year after we all graduated from FSU, I met my friend Taryn (and the Wild Boys) in Washington, DC to see the Shout-Out-Louds in concert.  Of course we did all of the toursity stuff, but that was the main event.  The concert was awesome and so was the town.  

How was this trip something special that I could only do since I graduated college?  For one, my college degree got me a pretty sweet gig at the ad agency I currently work at to help pay for the tickets and gas money.  Two, if I'd never gone to college, I never would have met Taryn, and then I'd never had learned about the Shout-Out-Louds.  So that's pretty great.

The year after I graduated, I visited DC a few times, but haven't been back since, which is a shame.  There are a lot of great places to visit, minus the touristy ones shown above: The Eastern Market, Chinatown, the Sculpture Gardens, I could go on.  But the best part (I think), is all of the history - DC (and Philidephia) is one of the few towns in America that has history on every corner.  That was the best part about living in Europe, well that, and the great food.

Speaking of a town full of history, stay tuned for the next entry in this journey when I travel to Marrakech, Morocco!