Monday, May 19, 2014


Chambray Shirt, Cut-Off Shorts, Mocassins: American Eagle, Windbreaker: Mossimo Supply Co (Target), Hat: Adam's Closet, Sunglasses: Rave

A few weeks back, Adam and I had some errands to run.  As I was getting ready, I accidentally put on an entire outfit from American Eagle, and then I realized, I'd fallen under the normcore spell (not that American Eagle = normcore, necessarily).  So to spice things up, I added a red windbreaker and an OSU cap, which, to be honest, looking back now, may have dug me into a deeper normcore pit.  

What is normcore you ask? To be honest, I can't really explain it, but there have been many articles written about it (some good ones here and here).  There is tons of speculation as to whether or not it is a joke or a proper fad.  Again, I can't say.  Sometimes I find myself dressing "normcore" out of sheer laziness, other times as a joke.  So when the New York TImes asks if normcore is a "Fashion Movement or Massive In-Joke?", I couldn't say since I interpret it both ways.   

As fun and ironic as it is to dress like a 90s middle class suburban housewife - or our moms, it is incredibly nice to fly under the radar once in a while (who wants to be stared at everywhere they go, so what if I'm wearing gold shoes?).  In a (fashion) world where everyone is competing for attention, it's nice to relax and just put on what feels natural.  For me, it's a button-down and skinny jeans (or cut-offs).  Again, though after a while, it gets extremely boring wearing the same thing over and over.

Either way, if normcore is a fad, it probably isn't going anywhere since people have been dressing normcore for ages.  Besides, if Obama endorses normcore, then I think it's a quality trend.

c/o Buzzfeed "How Normcore Are You" Quiz

So if you are still as confused as me about normcore, be sure to check out this buzzfeed quiz to help you decide how normcore you are.

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Happy Norm-coring!