Sunday, November 16, 2014

#crafternoon - number two

Ferns and Succulents

Part of the Food Spread

My Little Helper

Baby Succulent in Not a Teacup

Katie and Natasha

Rachel and Katie

From Left: Carrie, Rachel, Katie and Natasha

Carrie's Finished Planter

Katie's Finished Planter (the one on the far right)

Natasha's Finished Planters

I guess this #crafternoon is becoming a regular thing!  After hosting our first one in August, Jessica, Rachel and I decided to have another (we missed you Jessica!).  We decided at our last Clothing Swap that we would plant succulents in teacups for this #crafternoon, but after receiving our first snow in Ohio (or at least Cleveland), succulents were pretty hard to come by.  Luckily, Rachel and I found these adorable ferns at Home Depot earlier this week, and they seemed to work pretty well in everyone's various planters (plus no one got pricked!).

I made chickpea and artichoke salad, altering this recipe slightly - replacing the cumin with turmeric and the salt and pepper with garlic salt and red pepper flakes.  Super simple and pretty delicious.  I also put out cheese and crackers, water and Raspberry Italian Soda.  The girls all brought hummus and veggies, pumpkin dip and ginger snaps and chocolate covered pretzels.  Of course we had too much food, but everyone was able to take home some snacks. 

The best part about this #crafternoon:  I learned a few nifty tricks today from Rachel's friend, Carrie - Water succulents once a month in winter and once a week in summer.  And mist ferns with a spray bottle!  I knew about placing pebbles in the bottom of your planter for drainage, but these tips from Carrie will hopefully make our new plants last forever!  Natasha also shared that having a plant at your desk at work is supposed to make you more productive!  (I'll let you know how that goes.)

What planting tips do you have?  

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