Thursday, November 20, 2014

Where I Want to Be

Turtleneck, Sweater, Dress: Thrifted, Socks: Gabriel Brothers,
Booties: Charlotte Russe, Jewelry: Assorted

I talk a lot about uniforms on Eleanor's Boots.  Not like a uniform you wear to your college job at Jimmy John's, or to your private school, or for cheerleading practice.  A uniform that you wear everyday.  A uniform of pieces that you know look good on you.  Mixing and matching tops and bottoms.  Never wearing the same thing, but always being comfortable and individual in your own personal style.  Having a uniform also makes getting ready in the morning a breeze AND opens up space in your closet.  

My personal style is ever-evolving, but my (winter) uniform has been pretty consistent for the past few years: Button-down, skinny pants (usually jeans) and some sort of sweater (pullover or cardigan).  I've grown a bit tired of pants, so this fall, I decided to swap out my trusty skinny jeans with skirts.  I can't say the experiment lasted very long, but it was made infinitely easier by the fact that my local Goodwill has amazing pieces that fit into my new uniform.  

Another goal of mine (and actually has been for a while now), is to thrift 100% of my outfits, or only buy new thrifted clothes (except shoes - always splurge on shoes).  This outfit is 100% thrifted (except the socks and shoes).  It's a bit reminiscent of the 90s, but it's 100% true to where I am in my personal style evolution.  The sweater I snagged during our Goodwill Blogger Style Challenge in May; the turtleneck and dress I scored while searching for a Halloween costume.

Now if only I could get Adam on board the thrifting train!  We'd be all set!

What are some of your personal style goals?

PS if you need more uniform inspiration, check out Man Repeller!