Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What I Wore: #crafternoon number two

Sheer Button-Down and Cheer Vest: Thrifted (France and St Louis, respectively),
Jeans: Urban Outfitters, Heels: Charlotte Russe, Jewelry: Assorted

It wouldn't be a "blogger event" if we didn't take outfit photos.  In actuality, our #crafternoon ended up being more of a girls-only afternoon and less of a "blogger event".  Either way, Rachel was kind enough to snap some photos of my #ootd in the freezing cold (literally, she was shaking).  

For our #crafternoon, I had planned on channeling the first oversized sweater outfit from this video (I really wanted to wear my new heels - I wore them anyway), but then I saw this outfit on Who What Wear and remembered my amazing cheer vest I thrifted when we visited St Louis last 4th of July.  I also remembered being obsessed with this outfit of Leandra's.  So the above is what I landed on.

We also were playing around with flash at sunset.  The below is with flash (the above photos are without).  It amazes me that the photos with flash are so much darker!  They are also a bit eery, and I kind of like it.