Wednesday, July 22, 2015

St Louis Photo Diary - 2015

Another 4th of July; another trip to St. Louis.  I think it's becoming a tradition.

We started our visit with pizza at A Pizza Story, followed by drinks and arcade games at Orbit Pinball Lounge.

On July 4th, we ate brunch at Rooster and then walked off all of our food with an adventure to Marah's in Dogtown (from Sarah and Alex's place in downtown Maplewood). 

Not Pictured: Rap Snacks.

That night we made a massive BBQ at Marah's, played "Sorry 'Bout It" (Uno) and walked to see fireworks near Forrest Park.

Adam is a terrible cheater.

Sunday, we lounged around Sarah's and Alex's, made french toast and then headed to the St Louis Swap Meet at the old Lemp Brewery.

This trailer was so cool! The ceiling was decoupaged with
fashion magazine clippings.

After we'd had enough of the Swap Meet (and the heat), we headed to Civil Life for tacos!  In the summer, Civil Life serves tacos on Sundays, and in the winter, they serve soups.  Every week's options are different.

Once we were fed and cooled down, we headed to the Loop for a bit of thrifting and exploration (and more tacos at Seoul Tacos).

Sunday night, we watched the Women's World Cup at The Wood (mostly because we found a Yelp coupon for free Toasted Ravioli - St. Louis-style, which means they had meat in them.  Apparently, that's a thing.), and then headed to the Crow's Nest for cheap beer and 90's music.

On Monday, with insistence from my friend, Emily, we headed to the City Museum.  Definitely worth it. Next time, though, I'll be wearing tennis shoes and not a camera.

Instead of taking the elevator, like normal people, we took the stairs.

Adam climbed all the way to the top!

Basically, everything at the museum is interactive.  And they don't
provide maps because they want you to explore on your own.

The view from the top is pretty great.

We didn't ride the ferris wheel because the line was too long.
Good thing too, because it started pouring down rain a little
bit later.

This slide was treacherous.  No one looked like they enjoyed it,
except Adam.

There is an old bus on the roof, poised precariously over the edge.

We definitely had to stop for a drink and some people-watching
at the rooftop patio.

So Mature.

Art City was one of my favorite parts of the museum.
There are art supplies all over, and you can create whatever you want!

After City Museum, we went for some barbecue at Pappy's - Well, Marah and Adam had some BBQ; I had a salad.

 To end out our long weekend in St. Louis, we had dinner at Schlafly Bottleworks, looked at vintage motorcycles and took one last stroll through downtown Maplewood.

I can't wait until our next trip back!