Tuesday, April 5, 2016

St. Louis Photo Diary - P1: 2016

Hi Friends!  Sorry for the slight break in posting:  I was helping with finishing touches on Loolapalooza, and then I ran away to St. Louis for my friend, Sarah's, bridal shower.

But you all didn't come here for excuses!  Check out some photos from Sarah's bridal shower below!  

The bride and her dimples

Horatia is so pretty.

Being a bridesmaid from afar is no easy feat, but with all of the technology we have around today, I was still able to help with some decorations and brainstorming for this fun party!  

Sarah wanted everything pink and gold and decided on a Champagne Bar for the party.  I built a mood board with some ideas that I'd had saved away, and the other members of the bridal party threw in their ideas.  

I was tasked with creating the gold bottle vases.  I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but I have hoarder-like tendencies and had a collection of glass bottles collecting dust in our attic.  I cleaned those up and blasted them with two coats of spray paint, and they were all set for shipping.  I felt a little silly mailing 6 glass bottles to St. Louis, but they made it there safe and sound, and everyone was v. pleased with them.  

Another bridesmaid (and college roomie), Marah, is a whiz with crafts (like me), so made the "Sarah <heart> Alex, "Bride to Be" and tassle banners.  

Because I didn't know how to transport pineapple vases, Friday before the shower, Marah and I gathered supplies, including a beautiful unicorn piñata and giant champagne balloon for the party.  Piñatas are very much an inside joke between Sarah, Marah and me, so we felt like one had to be incorporated.  Marah added some extra pink and gold touches to our Party City piñata, and she was looking good for the party.  We followed these instructions for the pineapple vases, but obviously not very well, since our vases leaked.

Idk how much work Sarah, her sisters and her mom put in before we got there, but everything was all set up and ready to go with our few added touches.  The food was amazing, and everyone was so nice!

The wedding is in May, and I can't even wait!