Monday, March 28, 2016

#MCM 10 - Community Conversations

As a I mentioned in this post, Adam and I headed to the Akron Art Museum for WKSU's Community Conversations a few weeks ago.  Since we got there a little early for the event, we were able to check out the Giant LiteBrite that is set up in the lobby at the Museum (not sure how long it will be up, but you should probably just schedule a visit anyway - the museum is usually free on Thursdays, fyi).

As usual, Adam was such a great sport and let me take his photo while he played around with the LiteBrite.

Jacket: Macy's, Denim Button-Down, Khakis: JCrew

Oh, and if you were wondering about the Conversations, they were mostly informational, and the questions mostly relevant.  It's fun to be involved!