Monday, January 30, 2012

That Time That I Took Pictures Outside (Finally).

Remember that one time I copied an outfit Veronica wore in the second season of Veronica Mars? Yeah, me either. It's not EXACTLY the same thing. I doubt Veronica would ever wear a necklace like this. But then again, maybe she would, because she is a BAMF.

Speaking of BAMFs, check out this hawk ring. Like a claw. That beak will get you.

Friday, I wore this sweater to work, but you know, forwards. Then Friday night, I turned it around to be like a dress. It's something I've been meaning to try since Karen did it here. Except that hers is looser and better cuz she is awesome. Just add it to the list.

And then I decided it would be a good idea to mix fuschia and purple lipstick together.

And then Rian put on her drinking glasses to creep on my photo.

And then the guys from Golden Dragon came out to party.


Saturday morning, my baby cousin turned 3 and had a big, birthday party. It was adorable.

Saturday night, I was supposed to be in a rap video, but it turns out my friends are liars. That's OK. I don't think I was pimped out enough for one.

That's Ok. We still had fun at the party and the next day in Cleveland.
While we were out and about in Cleveland, I bought a bag like this. It's highlighter yellow and amazing (there are photos on my Instagram - seanbrocks). Obviously, I would buy the real deal, but I'm not rich. So when companies like Target release "knock-offs" of the expensive, designer stuff, poor people like me can be happy. I've actually been thinking about the knock-off thing. I know they are bad for designers and the business of the old fashion houses, but the people who can afford that stuff aren't going to go out and buy the cheap stuff. Obviously. Of course I'm NOT about to go buy the JC Lita knock-offs (which are already a knock-off, right?) from Charlotte Russe, because as comfortable as mine are, I still have issues walking in them, and they are well-made. Charlotte's aren't as well-made. Plus, I can justify spending money on shoes, but not a bag. Long story long, when I have all the money in the world, I will not be shopping at Target or Charlotte Russe. I will be in the front row of all of the good fashion shows, taking note of all the things I will be buying (truth: I already do that, just not the front row part, or the actually getting around to buying anything - just finding similar things/crafting similar things). Ok "rant" over.

Today at work:

Are you tired of this outfit yet? I told you I am obsessed with uniforms. These pants are new and fabulous. Dress pants I'm actually into (from TJ Maxx). That's rare. Ahhh but the joy of natural light. I get it now. Motivation to get my arse out of bed early enough to take pics outside. The weather in Ohio is SUPER un-reliable, but as long as we have this porch, I should be OK. Anyway, Happy Monday! Tomorrow, I can't wait until work to hang up this:

Yeah, it's a 2012 calendar of cats doing yoga (thanks, Rian). Namaste.