Thursday, February 2, 2012


Party People! I've been literally on the verge of internal combustion, and here's why: I GOT A NEW (old) JOB! Yes, yes and thrice yes! Today, I was offered a salaried position at my pre-Angers employer, and guess what? I accepted! Let me just say, I'm excited for this new opportunity, and I'm excited that now I can wear whatever I want, and you all will see the "real" me! No more dress code, no more masking who I really am, back to being "me". So stoked. There will still be two weeks of my "9-5" looks, but February 21st (well technically the 18th), I will go back to normal. Droid-Abby deactivated. On to the clothes (I'm going out of order today):

Wednesday, I interviewed for the position in my version of a suit (nothing suits me like a suit):

I've learned quickly how to put together pieces that follow rules, but still have flare. After my interview, I met my mom and brother for delicious breakfast at Akron Family Restaurant. Then I headed into work. I was anxious all day, because I just wanted that email that said I'd been offered the new job. So to keep my mind pre-occupied, I tried to take photos with Eleanor after work. It didn't work. I blame stale beggin' strips.

And yes, that is my Christmas tree, still up, in February. What of it? It's not hurting anyone. I will take it down, just as soon as I stop spending all of my weekends in Cleveland. I.e. I have no idea when that will be.

So back track to Tuesday. For some reason, we have been having incredibly, beautiful, mild weather these past few days. I am NOT complaining. Usually, February is my LEAST favorite month because it is just COLD. No snow. No sun. Just cold. Then again, the last time I experienced a real, Northeast Ohio weather was when I was 16, in the 11th grade, before we moved to Florida. So what do I know?

I know I LOVE my neon bag. I know I LOVE this green shrunken sweater with the fabulous buttons. I know I LOVE these sunglasses. I know I LOVE taking pictures on my front porch and can't wait to experiment with street shots.

Today it was overcast, but still pretty nice out, temperature-wise.

I should have worn the fur collar to work, but didn't even think about it on my way out the front door. I also had to leave one boot folded up because there was a hole in my tights. Whoops. They are just so pretty. Funny story about this skirt. I found it at Gabriel Brothers during the "dollar days" sale about 2 years ago. It is Ann Taylor, beautiful and cost a dollar (imagine that?). However, the zipper was broken (much like anything at Gabe's). But because I'm an ingenious, young spirit, I was able to replace the zipper (with no formal training, I might add), and look at that! It's good as new. I could stand to lose a few, so it's not so tight around my hips, but that's another story for another day. Oh speaking of losing a few! I didn't. My weight was EXACTLY the same this week as last. That's OK though. At least I'm not getting bigger. I do need to get back to a yoga/pilates routine. Hmph. I'm out. Peace.