Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Cardigan:  Charlotte Russe, Sheer Top:  TJMaxx, Jeans:  Old Navy, Belt:  Vintage, JC Litas (c/o Next), Rings:  Assorted
Above is what a winner would have worn to work today.  Someone who wasn't afraid of what people thought about her; someone who would have gone to a meeting just because she had a little extra time, and didn't care what people who were already in the meeting thought about her.  That someone is a winner.  I am not that someone.  But seriously, enough with the self-degradation.  Below is what I actually wore to work:  super-sweet neon flats.  Super-sweet neon flats that were still noticed and appreciated.  There is a time and place for Litas, and unfortunately, that time is not in the business world (even one as creative as advertising).  Of course the other side of the coin is that I care too much, and worry too much about what people think, and don't want to rock the boat too much (as much as I might say otherwise).  Too much musing.  Not enough neon.  "Neon is the new black!"  Also, apparently, I need to race home from work and take photos before the sun sets at 6:30p.  Lame.    

Details:  Same as above, just with flats (c/o Gabriel Brothers)