Sunday, September 23, 2012


Sweater:  Merona (c/o Target), White Button-Down:  School Uniform Supply Co (or something like that c/o Gabriel Brothers), Jeans:  Old Navy, Socks:  Banana Republic, Loafers:  Goodwill,  Jewelry:  Assorted
Taken with Instagram 

College GameDay is one of my most favorite things ever.  There is nothing like donning your favorite team's gear, colors, whatever.  There is superstition associated with it, love, hate, past frustrations, history, anything.  I went to Florida State (the BEST school in the ENTIRE country, hands down).  Every Saturday (and some occasional Thursdays/Fridays), I gear up in garnet and gold (or some semblance of either color), and cheer the Seminoles as well as I can (living in Ohio).  Part of me ALWAYS wishes I could be in Tallahassee with my team (and friends), but another part is glad to be back in Ohio.  Besides I can visit whenever I want (you know, like October 13th for the Boston College game).  However, one of the biggest challenges I have with College GameDay, is what to wear.  I hate Football jerseys (absolutely despise them).  I don't know why, I just do.  They are boxy, unflattering, and smelly (well I always assume they are - decorating the boy's locker room in High School taught me that boys are smelly, also having 2 brothers didn't help much).  There are only so many ways to wear a sweatshirt until you just look lazy, so I've developed a fool-proof uniform for just these occasions (Convocation pins, FSU Key Necklace, garnet, gold, etc).  I was a cheerleader in high school, so dressing for games was easy:  put on my cheer uniform.  College was more difficult.  I always had my own way of doing things, and dressing for game day was no different.  So for all of you, my loyal readers, here it is:  FSU Flashback to Freshman year 2005!   




Unconquered!  Oh yeeaahh!