Thursday, March 21, 2013

Misshapen Ball of Clay OR Go Vote!

Good day my fine readers!  Again I find myself slacking in the duties of personal style blogging.  Alas, such is life.  I am writing today to share with you all a REALLY exciting side project I worked on last week with some co-workers!  

Remember that trip I took to Chicago?  If not, you can read about it here - kind of.  While we were there, we stopped at a boutique called Akira, mostly because the bus dropped us off right in front of it, and also because I had been there before when we went for Lollapalooza 2012 (a different location) and wanted to go back.  I didn't buy much, just a romper, but my friend/co-worker Brittney bought lots of great stuff (stay tuned).  She instantly fell in love with the shop and has not stopped talking about it since we've been back.  Last week I was browsing around instagram, when I noticed they (@shopakira) had posted a photo about a modeling contest.  I immediately scrolled on past, but then thought that maybe Brittney would be interested. Fast forward to last Friday:  I had finally convinced her to enter (I mean what does she have to lose?), and we had convinced another co-worker friend to use his mad photography skills to help us snap some photos of Britt to enter in the contest.  Below were the final choices.  

The moral of the story, vote for Brittney (just click on her name or photo below)*!

© 2013 Jeremy Gruszewski
© 2013 Jeremy Gruszewski
Thanks everyone!

*When you click on the photos, you'll have to "like" Akira, then search for "Brittney".  I'm sure you can find her.  Just remember, you can "un-like" Akira after you vote, but why would you want to?