Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day and Christmas in May

I've never really agreed with Mother's (Father's) Day.  Why should we only celebrate our parents one day out of the year?  I believe we should thank/help/love our parents every day of the year.  Our parents help us become the people we are today.  They encourage us, help us, discipline us, teach us.  They are there when we need them, and give us our space when we ask for it (usually).  We might not always get along, but in the end they are proud of us no matter what we do.  Adam and I have gotten into the habit of making time to see our parents every weekend.  It gets hard to make time when the house looks like a hurricane hit it, or the yard needs work.  But those things will always be there:  there will always be garbage to be taken out, or vegetables to plant.  So make the time for your parents, and tell them every day how much they mean to you.

And now some obligatory outfit photos from last night's early Mother's Day dinner:

Sweater: J. Crew, Plaid: Macy's, Gold Chain: TopShop, Jeans: Forever 21, Wedges: Black Poppy (c/o PacSun), Rings: Assorted.

And some more obligatory photos of Adam (since he was so kind to take the above photos before dinner):

V-Neck: PacSun, Henley:  H&M, Skinny Jeans:  Arizona (c/o JCPenny), Boots: 21 Men