Friday, May 2, 2014

Graduation Anniversary - 5 YEARS

So FIVE years ago (to this day), I graduated college.  Woah.  Seriously, where does the time go?  Anyway, in honor of the occasion, check out these photos my mom took of the tremendous day (FIVE years ago)!

To kick off the big day, where else? Lunch at Mr Roboto on Pensacola St.

I remember borrowing this dress from Marah and thinking she was going to murder me when she found out.

The VIP seats - TK's was one of them.

I really wish I could remember what Sarah and I were talking about.

So many hats.


Note to self - Air-dried hair - not so great looking - but it was TALLAHASSEE

Such proud FSU parents - matching shirts - c/o me (and Bill's Bookstore).

Dad started the crying first.

A (second) lunch at the Riverside Cafe in St. Marks

Andrew Pierce was such a good sport - ALL day, with ALL the photos.

Marinas are the best.

Graduation Cap - Hat Hair is the worst.

Dinner at Bahn Thai on S Monroe Street.

I wish I could remember what Taryn and her mom were laughing so hard at.

Family (ies) photo.

The weekend around May 2nd is always super nostalgic for me, so I usually end up doing something fun to: a) remember that I graduated college and b) do something that I could only do because I graduated college.  Graduating wasn't the easiest thing (well, the school part was, the after part wasn't) - leaving my friends, moving back home, applying for a job in a recession, but it's definitely one of my proudest accomplishments (that and graduating with close to no student loan debt is always amazing).  

The years since graduation, I:
1. 2010: Went to Washington, DC to see the Shout-Out-Louds with Taryn (shown above) and her brother (he took some of the last few photos)
2. 2011: Visited Morocco (the same day as a bombing in the city I was visiting)
3. 2012:  Worked - so I could save my vacation time for Crystal Fighters (Toronto) and Lollapalooza (Chicago)
4. 2013:  Had a shopping party (Chicago)

This year, I'm staying in Ohio to celebrate the upcoming arrival of my cousin's baby (remember when she got married) - Goodness, we're all growing up SO fast (but seriously, can we slow that nonsense down a bit?)!

In the next few days, I'll be sharing some photos from these past adventures (since I haven't shared them on this blog yet)!  So stay tuned!

Photos by Momma Rode.