Tuesday, September 23, 2014

"IN TENTS" Camping

Vest: JC Penny, Bobby Bowden Tank Top: FSU Bookstore, Skinny Jeans: UO Surplus,
Docs: SWAPPED, Sunglasses: Charlotte Russe, Jewelry: Assorted

As most of you know, we went camping this past weekend in Tippacanoe, OH.  It was great, but warm.  Shortly after these photos were taken, I changed into shorts.  

Even though we were camping, I still had to rep FSU (luckily, we were able to catch that nail-biter of a game against Clemson).  I grabbed this Bobby Bowden shirt in March when we went to Ft Walton beach to visit my brother.  Adam and I escaped for the day and drove to Tallahassee.  The tank is entirely too large, but I doubt I could pull it off as a dress (we'll see - I may be wearing it as a dress to travel in to St Louis next weekend.  Stay tuned!).  I wear the Seminole and Spear pins for every game, sort of a superstition-type thing (except, we don't always win - although we are on a 19-game streak).  I think they gave the pins to us at the FSU New Student Convocation (*cough* in 2005 *cough*).  And these boots are still kicking!  I lucked out SO well at the first swap I attended (with these boots and all the great girls I met there).

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