Monday, September 22, 2014

My #MCM 2 - Camping

Lined Flannel: Christmas Gift, Akron T: vintage, Shorts: J Ferrar (c/o JCPenny),
Boots: Calvin Klein (c/o Macy's)

Even though this is my second men's style post in one week, I promise there will be ladies' fashion posts again (and even a DIY post)!  Plus, I'm traveling next weekend to St Louis, so travel and party photos to come, as well!  There's blog content in everything we do!

Enough with the excuses! This past weekend we went camping for my cousin's wedding anniversary (one year since THIS happened - time flies!).  Camping = (ed) glamping, really, (we watched the FSU v Clemson game by the campfire).  My cousins have this huge piece of property in Tippacanoe, OH with a house, a camper and this beautiful pavilion.  All of the modern amenities PLUS our tent!  (Adam insisted we sleep in the tent when there were three spare beds for us.)  We used to camp all the time when I was young, and then when I went away to college my friends and I would camp (So sleeping in a tent wasn't really that bad).  It was really nice to get away for a day or so.  We ate a ton of delicious food and took way too many photos.  

Stay tuned for more!