Monday, September 15, 2014

My #MCM - Episode 1

I had a brilliant idea a few weeks ago when I was folding Adam's laundry:  I love styling clothes + I'm weirdly inspired by men's fashion + I have a very handsome husband = a Men's style spotlight on Eleanor's Boots, or what will weekly be known as "My #MCM" - featuring Adam!

I honestly wasn't ready to start the series, but we just got a new camera, and Adam looked so cute in his casual Sunday outfit (that he picked out himself), that I had to kick it off (plus, isn't it a fact that we aren't ready for anything in our lives?).

So without further ado: My #MCM - Episode 1:

Jacket: J Crew, T-shirt: Souvenir from Nashville, Jeans: Bullhead Denim (c/o PacSun),
Black Chuck Taylors

Casual Sunday outfit to say "good-bye" to the weekend (or something more harsh to the upcoming week, if you can read the Willy Nelson T-shirt) and run some errands.  Oh yeah, and the Browns won!  

Happy Monday!