Monday, October 13, 2014

My #MCM 4 - Explorer

Sweater: Gap, Striped Tshirt: Hurley (c/o PacSun), Chinos: Bullhead (c/o PacSun), Converse:
High-Top Chuck Taylors

I'm still convinced it's Sunday; long weekends will do that to you.

Saturday morning, Adam and I took his mom out for breakfast at Farmer Boy.  Yummm.  What's better than home-made biscuits?  Nothing.  Well, wait, there is something better: home-made biscuits with honey AND orange marmalade AND family, that's better.  Unfortunately, Farmer Boy's greek omelette was not better than Akron Family's, but that's my fault because I really should have only ordered the biscuit (or 8).

We always pass this abandoned gas station on the way to Adam's family's house.  I'm glad we got to take photos at it, finally.  Turns out, even though I helped Adam get dressed (i.e. he couldn't decide on a sweater, my vote was for the cardigan), and dressed myself (those outfit photos will be posted later this week), I STILL didn't realize we matched until we were halfway to meet Adam's mom (i.e. again with the subconscious matching).  This is my life.

And it wouldn't be one of our photo shoots if one of us didn't pull the "I don't know what to do with my hands" line from "Talladega Nights".

Happy Monday, All!