Thursday, October 16, 2014

Saturday Adventure - The Cleveland Flea

This past Saturday, Jessica and I headed up to Cleveland to check out the Cleveland Flea.  I'd been meaning to go all summer, so a beautiful, fall day was the perfect excuse.

I instantly became nostalgic for Angers and the Saturday market.  It was so nice having a fresh market and flea market right outside my foyer every Saturday morning.

Trench, White Button-down, scarf: Hand-Me-Down, Overalls: Bullhead Denim (c/o PacSun),
Sandals: Black Poppy (C/o PacSun), Jewelry: Assorted

I'd like to say that this outfit was completely original, but then I'd be lying.  Ever since my hero, Leandra, posted this last week, I've been dying to try out an overalls outfit.  I'm still not convinced they are exactly appropriate for work (mine aren't, hers would totally be appropriate for my work), so Saturday was the perfect excuse to test out an overall outfit.  I also haven't had a chance to wear this great scarf from my great aunt, or this great trench from my aunt.  So why not pile it all on for a day at the Cleveland Flea?  Let me say though, wandering around Cleveland in these wedges had my thighs super sore by the end of the day.  I'm even more out of shape than I thought!

The other hesitation with wearing overalls, is the logistics of them.  Similar to wearing a romper, if you ever need to use the restroom, but you've layered something over your overalls, get ready for a 20 minute production.  I just don't think there's enough time in the work day to take multiple super long restroom breaks. 

After the flea, Jessica and I headed to downtown Cleveland for coffee and snacks.  For those of you that read Jessica's blog, she mentioned my vegetable broth tasting coffee in her post about our adventure (you can read it here).  Below is the un-assuming looking cup of joe.  I've never tasted anything so...bizarre before.  You go in for a sip, expecting rich, delicious coffee and are surprised by a broth taste.  Actually, on second thought, this coffee would be great for when I'm sick!  I try not to drink coffee when I'm sick, as it's not one of the liquids doctors recommend, but this coffee could be a good mixture of the liquids you should drink!  Things to think about!  Otherwise, Pour was a great place to hang out and converse.

After Pour, we wandered around the Arcades and split a panini at The Flaming Ice Cube.  So good!

And finally, as I mentioned in a past post, Adam and I inadvertently dressed in matching hues on Saturday. Twins (or Soul Mates)!

Happy almost Friday, everyone!

Outfit Photos c/o Jessica, Others c/o Me