Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Clash

Blazer: JCrew - Hand-me-down, Vest: Thrifted, Polka Dot Button-Down: Swapped, Jeans: H&M,
Heels: JCPenny, Jewelry: Assorted

I've been all about mixing patterns lately.  I think it's the spring-like weather we've been having lately - it makes everyone act a little nutty.  Thankfully, a lot of my clothes are similar hues and colors, so it makes mixing patterns SO easy.  I also recently read about a rule for getting dressed: The Rule of Three (or something like that, I might be messing up the name) - i.e. pick three colors for an outfit and go from there.  This outfit pretty much breaks that rule, but I couldn't help it - there are so many amazing colors in this hand-me-down JCrew blazer from my Aunt.  I've been wanting to wear this green sweater vest and my new burgundy shoes from JCPenny, and weirdly enough, both colors show up in this blazer.  Perfection.

What are some fashion rules you all have broken lately?