Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Early Halloween DIY

We had a pretty jam-packed weekend a few weekends ago.  If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw that we attended my friend's wedding on Friday, went on a walk in Downtown Akron and then I road-tripped down to Columbus with my mom to check out the FiestaWare Tent Sale at the Ohio Expo Center.

I think my favorite part of the weekend, though, was not documented (well at least not on social media).  For the Spacewalk, we were asked to dress like our favorite space characters.  Adam wouldn't dress up like Protozoa to couple with a Zenon, Girl of the 21st Century costume, so I compromised and made us Star Wars themed costumes: Princess Leia and Han Solo.  I also was asked to thrift/DIY a costume for Goodwill Akron's blog (check out the steps here), so all in all the timing couldn't be better!

Another great bit of timing: my cousin's son is now big enough to wear the bear onesie I got him for Christmas.  Thankfully, she (my cousin) posted a photo of him wearing it on Instagram, or I would have forgotten about getting it for him.  Since he's adorable, I decided to incorporate him into our Star Wars themed costume, by fashioning him an ewok hood with ears.  Unfortunately, I'm an idiot, and halfway through building my Leia dress realized, I should have made costumes for his parents (my cousin and her husband), so they could have appeared in the below photos.  Oh well, we've already started brainstorming what we can wear to all dress up for trick or treat at the end of October (I'm getting really excited about the possibility of upgrading my costume to a Padme version).

Tshirt: Target, Vest: Thrifted Jacket with Sleeves removed, Jeans: Adam's,
Boots: Unknown Brand from Macy's

Buns and Dress: DIY and thrifted, Belt: American Eagle, Boots: Thrifted

Hood: DIY, Bear Onesie: Thrifted (Gap), Shoes: Derek's

What are you all dressing as for Halloween?  I hope you take the time to thrift and/or DIY your costume - those are always the best (I think)!  Good luck!

PS: If you need any help, I'll be hosting two workshops with Goodwill Akron coming up (details at the above link).