Thursday, March 30, 2017


Day 3 in STL was real chill (weather-wise and activity-wise). We got brunch, took our friend's dog for a walk around their adorable neighborhood, got coffees, and met another friend at her cool work for drinks (everyone else, not me). 

Denim Jacket, Jumper, High Tops: Thrifted, Flannel Button-Down: Hand-me-down,
Necklaces: DIY

One of my favorite things about visiting St Louis is that there is no pressure to do anything. There's always something new and cool to check out in the city, and we usually do those things, but it's just as nice to cook food in and hang out with friends.

PS. Not sure why I'm so somber/serious/sad in these photos. Probably the realization that we were headed home the next day.