Tuesday, May 2, 2017

DIY Maternity Jeans - 3 Ways

As I've mentioned previously, it didn't take long into my pregnancy, for my belly to outgrow the jeans I thought I'd be able to wear for a while (my Levi 501s). Since it was winter, and I didn't want to wear tights all the time, I knew I needed an alternate solution. Not ready to venture into a maternity store (or section of a store - I'm still not ready), I decided to try to make my own maternity jeans. I read a bunch of different posts about making them, but used this one as my guide. 

Somehow this first pair is still the only pair that really works, and I think that has to do with the combination of denim (a little stretchy) and the rise (high rise). They are a random pair of skinny jeans I bought at the Levi's outlet and was about to get rid of, but thankfully, held on to because now I wear them all of the time. 

I've made two other pairs since I made this grey pair, and they just aren't the same. They are both looser fits and sit lower, so I thought by adding some extra fabric, they would fit better, but they just aren't as good. OH well. 

Anyway, here are a few different ways I've styled my maternity jeans over the weeks:

21 Weeks

Blazer, Button-Down: Hand-Me-Down, Jeans: DIY/Levi's, Boots: Thrifted, Necklaces: Gifted

22 Weeks

Jacket: Vintage, Turtleneck, Boots: Thrifted, TShirt: Hand-Me-Down, Jeans: DIY/Levi's,
Bandana: Borrowed from Adam, Sunglasses: Call it Spring

23 Weeks

Cardigan: Hand-Me-Down, Tshirt: LulaRoe Perfect Tee, Jeans: DIY/Levi's, Boots: Thrifted,
 Bandana: Borrowed from Adam, Sunglasses: Noto

So moral(s) of the story: Your first DIY attempt is usually the best (good luck trying to re-create that!), and you don't have to buy maternity jeans (chances are, you have a good enough pair hiding somewhere in your wardrobe)! Oh! And just because you are pregnant, doesn't mean you can't wear (almost all) the same things you did before you were pregnant, although I have yet to figure out a tucked-in shirt situation that works properly - if any of you know, let me know!