Thursday, November 10, 2011

80s Revival on Grand Ave.

Well, hello there. This is what I wore yesterday. Apparently, I was in an 80's revival mood. I would have done my hair up bigger if I'd gotten up earlier. But I didn't so there. Also, this blazer has built-in shoulder pads, which I should NOT be wearing (I'm already broad-shouldered enough as it is), but I just love it so. It's this great oatmeal color, and it's comfortable. It's probably too big, but lately oversized blazers have been my go-to piece when I want to add a little class to an outfit. Not that this outfit needed class, but it never hurts anyone.

I realized after I'd posted Tuesday's outfit, that I forgot outfit credits. So in the spirit of forgetfulness, here are today's: Blazer, Button-down, Necklaces, Copper Ring - hand-me-down, Skirt, Tights - Ann Taylor (c/o Gabriel Brothers), Shoes - some random shop in Paris (you can hardly see them though, boo), Bow Ring - Aldo Accessories, Shark Tooth Ring - some random beach shop in Jacksonville. Yep, that's right. I'm wearing a shark tooth ring. I love me some shark teeth jewelry. I'm not even that big of a beach person, but get me to one of those shops, and I go straight for the shark tooth stuff. Or the rings made out of coral, or maybe it's seashells. I have no idea. I love all of it.

Anyway, these shoes. I love them. I wish they were more visible, but whatever. I bought them when I studied abroad in Paris for 5 euro (the shoes were 5 euro, not my study abroad program. I wish). A steal. And that was back when the euro was about $1.35. Oh wait, it's still about that much. Whatever. 2008. I wore them to the dinner our professor took us to at the end of our program with the belly dancer. Oh nostalgie. I was actually looking at those pictures the other day. And these tights. Perfection. I've already worn them 3 times since I've worked at my new big-girl job (so about three times in the past 2 months). I will bring back white tights, and then when I do, I'll be over it and go back to my normal black ones. Or maybe white tights are already back, and I'm totally ripping off some other person's idea. It's probably the latter.

As for today's outfit. It will forever be a mystery. Unless you work with me. Then you'd know that I wore an over-sized white button down (the kind you get at those uniform shops, except mine is from Gabriel Brothers - what else is new?) with my musical note tie, black vest with the back cut-outs, black trousers, and these babes:

I'm still totally and completely head over heels (hah shoe pun) for these bad boys. I'm so glad I spent the 40 euro (not 5, bummer) on them at H&M in Angers last year. I'm sure once my Litas get broken in, these will migrate to the back of my closet, but until them I'm wearing them to death. Oh wait. I do that with all of my shoes. I would have worn a headband, but I feel like it would get in the way of my ever so functional headset at work. So hott.

Tomorrow is the Lake Erie Monsters vs San Antonio Rampage hockey game AND casual Friday at work. I'm going to try and get up the courage to wear ma Litas to work tomorrow, but I don't want to push the envelope clothing-wise, even though it IS casual Friday. We shall see. It is also suddenly winter here in Northeast Ohio. I have no idea how I feel about this yet. It does give me a chance to wear my sock monkey hat though, and that means that snowboarding is very possibly in my near future.