Monday, November 14, 2011

Lumberjack Lita

Whoa. Long time no blog. Sorry 'bout it. I'd like to say I had a whirlwind of a weekend where I did everything I planned and accomplished every single goal. But that's not the case. Well, I guess I did everything I planned (hockey game, work, see friends, etc). I did miss the FSU/Miami game (I know, WHAT kind of FSU Alumni am I?), and I'm bummed about that, but we won. Can you really ask for anything more? Now, on to the clothes!

Member in my last post when I said I was too chicken to wear the Litas to work? Well, I wasn't. I only did it to prove to the tallest guy in our office that I could be as tall as him, unfortunately, I still wasn't as tall as him, but at 5' 10", that's probably the tallest I'll ever be. So I was happy. I like being tall. Outfit-wise, nothing too exciting. Button-downs and skinny jeans are basically my go-to uniform anymore (thanks Grandma), but I can still spice it up with my homemade "Eleanor Rigby" necklace and my punk-rock suspenders.

Speaking of details, here they are: Sweater, grey skinny jeans - Forever 21, Plaid button-down - hand-me-down, Suspenders, Insect Ring - H&M, Orange gem ring - Vintage, "Eleanor RIgby" necklace - my own creation (muahahaha), Litas - Jeffrey Campbell (c/o Next at Beachwood Place - GO!). Also, all of these pictures are over-exposed. Get over it.

I love them sooo very very much. Even though they are quite ridiculous. I'm quite ridiculous. It works.

Anyway, Friday night, my friend James and I headed up to the Lake Erie Monsters game against the San Antonio Rampage. I got free tickets at work, and he's the only person I could think of who likes hockey as much as me, so I convinced him to tag along. Supposedly he had fun, I know I did. Hockey is one of those sports I can't help but get into. We live close enough to Canada, so we get a lot of French Canadian overflow on our minor league hockey teams (Desjardins, anyone)? The other great thing about hockey? Gratuitous violence! Just a bunch of dudes beating the snot out of each other. We also won, so that was a nice change (Cleveland is notorious for having horrible sports teams. I'm not even going to explain that one). And I got my face painted. Success.

Saturday night, I worked at my other job (mmmm Romeo's, makin' some pizzas), and then we all went out. For some reason, my friend, Halle, let me borrow her extensions (probably because she actually has long hair now). Thankfully, Rian, ma roomie, was around to help me put them in. I have never claimed to be any sort of girly-girl, but this was totally out of my realm. Talk about high-maintenance. And that is just how I acted for the rest of the night. It's strange how putting on a costume (or even just extensions) for a night can make you feel like a completely different person. I can't say I was particularly pleased with "Long Haired Abby", but let's just say, I prefer my short hair, low-maintenance existence.

And here we are at another Monday, working the big-girl job in: Button-down - hand-me-down, Sweater - Vintage, Slacks - Forever 21, Belt - Charlotte Russe, Heels - Kimchi Blue (c/o Gabriel Brothers), Red Ring - Country Dollar (Tallahasse, what up?) and Black Ring - Target.

I hope Monday wasn't too hard on all of you (if anyone actually is reading). I survived. Until next time!