Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Drake, what do THEY know?

Well, well, well, look who's crawled out of her cave? Me. Wow. It's been, what? a week since I posted last. I'm SO sorry (to those of you who actually read this ish). I'd like to say I've been busy, well, I guess I have, but REALLY it's the 12-8 shi(f)t I had at work (and will have to work again in two weeks). It's quite LITERALLY the most pointless shi(f)t EVER. I tried to get up early to do things (i.e. grocery shop, laundry, dishes, clean, etc), but the only thing that I made time for in the morning last week, was to hop out of bed on Tuesday morning and buy the new Drake album, Take Care (and I guess technically to watch Jimbo Fisher's Monday Press Conference). (Both) Sooooooo worth it. I even bought Thank Me Later just for funsies because it was on sale, and I haven't bought a CD since Motion City Soundtrack's Dinosaur Life back in 2009. I'm a horrible music lover/fan/person. Anyway, here's what I wore for the glorious occasion.

When I was getting dressed, I wanted to go for a platinum motif, since I assume that is what this album will do (go platinum), but somehow, I ended up in all orange. I rather enjoyed it. Details: Button-down - Old Navy (stolen from ma brother), Sweater - Lucky Brand (borrowed from ma roommate), Necklaces - hand-me-down, Rose ring - Country Dollar (Tallahassee), Gold knuckles - Aldo Accessories.

I didn't wear the hat to work (I wish I did, but it would majorly get in the way of my headset), but I did wear it out to get a drink with my roommate that night (I switched to jeans and La Litas). My trousers are Urban Outfitters (c/o Gabriel Brothers), and the hat was a gift from my friend, Stephanie.

I'm pretty sure the ONLY reason I got away with wearing these bad boys was because they were mostly covered by my tremendous trousers. They are Apple Bottom (gasp!) c/o Gabriel Brothers. OMG! I almost forgot the BEST part of the day! When I was in the checkout line at Best Buy, one of the cashiers told me he really liked the way I put my outfit together, and I wasn't even standing in his line. It was adorable. It renewed my faith in what Simon calls my "Abby Style", but apparently not enough to blog about it because here it is, a week later, and I'm just now getting around to posting all of this.

As for the rest of the week:

This sweater is amazing. It's SUPER comfortable and has a hood AND pockets. Seriously, can't ask for more. Obviously, it's not mine. I borrowed it from ma roommate. I wore earrings for the first time in YEARS for some reason too. I think I declared it bow day (my shoes have bows on them, you just can't see so well). Details: Sweater - Roomie's (no idea from where), Bow Tie Blouse - Mango, Bow earrings - who knows? I bought them at Gabriel Brothers, Blue ring - Country Dollar, Silver Ring - Forever 21.

I love tights. Tights. Tights. Tights. More details: Skirt, Tights, Bow-Tie shoes - Gabriel Brothers. Thursday night, my friend, Audrianna, turned 21 (about time!), and I wore this:

Total cage fighter meets 70s disco/hippie queen, but who cares. I love the belt (Audrianna's mom gave it to me!). It's probably a bit much with all of the sequins, but it was a big night (go big or go home, right?). Details: Sequin top - Vintage, Belt, Floral Dress - hand-me-down, Sequin skirt - Forever 21, Litas - Next.

Oh wait, that's it. I didn't take pics of Wednesday's outfit because it was simple button-down, cardi, trouser combo. And Friday was casual Friday, so I wore a flowy top (I think it's actually a dress) over a turtleneck and jeans for the BREAKING DAWN premier at the Highland Theater. Side Note: Two years ago, Breaking Dawn and Drake would NOT have been my idea of a good week, but these days, it's the little things that matter apparently. Just sayin'.

The weekend was whirlwind-y as always. Breaking Dawn friday, cleaning and work Saturday, but it was different because The Lockview Restaurant in Downtown Akron turned FOUR! And they threw a HUGE party to celebrate. The Lockview is quite possibly one, if not my favorite restaurants in the area (actually now that VegiTerranean is gone, it's probably number 1). At The Lockview, you can order from a variety of grilled cheeses (most of which are vegetarian) and pair your selection with one of literally a MILLION beer choices (just kidding, they don't have a MILLION beers, but they might as well). They also have delicious martinis and signature drinks AND a fabulous rooftop patio, which, unfortunately, is only open for the summer, which as most Ohioans know is about 2 months. The atmosphere is totally chill, but can be swanky too; like it was on Saturday. Everyone was dressed to the nine's to celebrate, including me and my "date", ma roommate, Rian Nagel.

Don't we make a handsome couple? I'd say so. (Shout out to Tanner Young for photographing all of us crazy people). That night I wore: Blazer - Mossimo (c/o Marc's, did you know you can buy clothes at Marc's? I didn't until recently), Button-down - Old Navy, Trousers - Forever 21, Heels - Wet Seal, Hat - found it!.

And that brings us back to Monday, because honestly, I did NOTHING Sunday, well, except work.

It wasn't even that cold out Monday morning, but I'm back to a normal (ish) work schedule-wise (9 - 5:30) so it was cooler when I left in tha morning. Details: Button Down - Gabriel Brothers (from the dude section), Striped Sweater - No idea (TJ Maxx), Blazer - vintage, Necklace - Forever 21, Opal and Unicorn Rings - vintage (from ma mom), Bug Ring - H&M. I paired this top with black pants and silver heels, but changed to shiny tights and my leather jacket when I went grocery shopping after work. And for funsies, the contrast between what I walk into work wearing, and what is actually on my feet when I'm at my desk. It hasn't even been that heinous weather-wise yet, but I'm soooooo excited for it when it does come.

So with that, I bid everyone ado. I probably won't post before next week - again (this is becoming a HORRIBLE habit), so in that case, HAVE A GREAT THANKSGIVING! I for one can't wait to gorge myself on homemade (chunky) mashed potatoes, veggie stuffing, green bean casserole, and hopefully some of those yams with the marshmallows on top. Plus, I get to see the babies, and that is ALWAYS a blast. They are ADORABLE. Peace.