Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Because I Said So.

Who knows why I decided to finally write in this blog that has been holding URL space for the past however many months. Maybe it's because I wore silver eyeliner today. Or it could be because I wore a tie for the first time since we had "Emo" Night Breakfast for a Buck Freshman Year. But it is quite possibly because I bought my first pair of Jeffrey Campbell Litas. A landmark in any budding fashionista's life. I've been lusting after these shoes for almost a year now, which is the same time I stumbled upon fashion blogs in general.

One lonely day, in rainy Angers, at the beginning of my teaching assistantship last year, I discovered the fascinating, "real" world of fashion blogging. Here are real girls just posting pictures of themselves in their everyday clothing. A little self-indulgent, but educational all the same. From these girls, I've learned: that anything goes (in life and in fashion), there is inspiration in anything and to always be yourself. These are things that I've always tried to aspire too, but sometimes they get lost in the wind. So in the spirit of sharing my point of view, here is my inaugural foray into fashion blogging.