Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Year. New You.

First official weekend of the New Year, and I'm knocking it out. I've resolved to drink less, so as to be more "productive" on the weekends. It started off tough since I couldn't think of anything to do, but ended well. This is what I wore Friday to work:
Saturday, a friend and I went out for breakfast at the Eye Opener. It reminded me of The Trails restaurant on Restaurant Impossible in San Diego. Of course I've never been to San Diego or The Trails, but from the show, Eye Opener is how I think it'd be. The food was delicious, and I'll obviously be going back, considering breakfast is quickly becoming one of my favorite meals.
Anyway, this is what I wore.
I've been wanting mustard tights for a minute now, and finally found some (by accident) at Target on sale. The yellow sweater and mustard tights together was probably a bit of overkill, but it was sunny and warm out, and I don't care. After breakfast, we walked the dogs for about 2 hours. It's been a while since Ellie-Smell has been on a good, long walk, but she did great.

Sunday (today), I went to 2 open houses: one gigantic and another that I could probably actually afford. I've been playing with the idea of buying a house for a little, but I'm so indecisive and buying a house is def something that requires extensive thought and planning. I wanted to look like I was serious about buying a house, but still stay funky. Bam!
I do what I can. I'm realizing I have a pretty good formula for style in the winter: button-down, sweater, boots. Solid. Too bad it's getting colder again. Back to the giant, warm winter jackets. And I want to live here forever? We'll see about that.

This evening, I went to see Young Adult with this bitch:
We were the ONLY ones in the theater and ate a GIANT popcorn (not all of it, Rian is currently eating the rest). I knew the movie was probably going to be awkward and depressing, but I didn't think it would be POINTLESS. It was basically 90 minutes of ALMOST character development. At least you thought she was going to develop, and then she didn't. WTF. I thought Bad Teacher was lacking in the character development arena, but at least Cameron D's character realizes she's in the wrong and betters herself (a little) to rectify the situation. Interesting. I'm glad I went though because I got to check out a new theater (Plaza Cinemas at Chapel Hill) AND learned that the 3rd Saturday of every month they show Rocky Horror at midnight. Score! So that's where we'll be January 21st. Now I'm going to watch Season 8 of Special Victims Unit and probably fall asleep on the couch. Thrilling. Peace.