Friday, July 19, 2013

Prints Charming

Sweater:  Kirra (c/o PacSun), Dress:  Charlotte Russe, Boots: Forever21, Jewelry: Assorted

It just so happens that it has been very warm (HOT HOT HOT) the past few weeks.  Which is a problem.  Only because I have to "dress up" for work - i.e. NOT wear shorts and tank tops all the time.  Also, our office is cold - like blast the air conditioning "because we don't pay the utility bill" cold.  Because of all of these things, pants just AREN'T an option.  I've resorted to rotating my almost knee-length dresses and button-up/sweater cover-ups on the daily.  I've been wanting to wear this dress ever since I bought it back in May on a mini-shopping spree with my friend, Audrianna - I'm sure you saw the evidence on Instagram.  There's nothing especially different, new or innovative about this dress, just that it is light, bright and airy, which is great on days when the temperatures are over 90 degrees - I know, I know - why am I complaining, I lived in Florida for 5 years - it's different.  TRUST ME.  And this sweater is light enough that if I throw it on on the way to work, it's not quite hot enough out that I will melt.  Score.  I put this dress on last Wednesday wanting to dress-up for lunch at the coolest lady on the planet's house with my family, and then it turned into this.  Sort of punk, sort of pretty, ALL awesome.  I was OVER-joyed when I realized the turquoises matched.  I would have been worried about an overload of prints, if it were not for that fact but not really.

Enjoy the heat Northeast Ohioans because know that in a few months we will be buried in snow and cold, and then we'll be complaining about that (not I!).  Peace!