Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sunglasses at Night - A La La

Lace Top:  Kirra (c/o PacSun), Black Tank: Thrifted, Turquoise Shorts: Charlotte Russe, JC Litas, Accessories:  Assorted

A few weeks ago, Adam and I went to the Nylon Music Tour presentation of CSS and IO Echo at the Grog Shop.  The show was awesome - a surprisingly small turnout for what I expected.  A few days later, Marah arrived and we went to St. Louis, and I forgot about these photos and posting about this outfit.  

CSS has always been party music for me.  The energy they exude on their records, and consequently on stage, is amazing.  The women in this band are equal parts intelligent and hilarious - as well as incredibly musically talented.  IO Echo was pretty amazing too.
*beginning tangent*  My only problem with all of this, though, is that this was part of the Nylon Music Tour.  The ONLY way anyone at the show would have known this though was if they managed to walk away with one of the free Nylon magazines hanging out at the venue, and saw the sign at the merch table.  A few days later, I saw on instagram, that Nylon was out and about in all of the major East coast cities, mainly New York and DC, causing a scene about this same show.  I get it.  Cleveland is NOT NYC or DC.  We are a relatively small midwest city.  The only thing we are good for?  Pimping out our downtown to movie makers to use for sets for blockbusters.  I guess I'm not doing enough to spread the word about Akron and Cleveland, but luckily, there are people who are.  Speaking of which, Wednesday nights at the Transformer Station during the summer, there is live music and NOW films!  Tomorrow night:  Aurelio Martinez and a film screening of Bellwether.  Class is cancelled, and I have to drop my car off in Brunswick, so my mom and I are thinking of checking it out.  Anyway, the point of my tangent?  Give some love to the little guys.  I'm tired of hearing about how great NYC, DC, Chicago, etc are.  I think Chicago is pretty cool too, but where do I want to stay and live?  Akron.  Of course, I'm not the norm, but who wants to be?